Compiler & Microarchitecture

Our focus


JavaScript Parallelizing Compiler
Android ART
HTML Parallel Parsing
LLVM/GCC SDK Porting & Optimization
GPU OpenGL|ES/OpenCL Compiler


Power/Energy Efficient Core Design
GPU/Embedded Core Design
Memory System (DRAM, PIM, Persistent Memory)
Neural Processing
Architecture Simulation Acceleration
Error Detection/Recovery HW/SW Framework

Digital SoC


About Us

Compiler &

Compiler and Microarchitecture Laboratory (COMMIT) at the School of Electrical and Computer Engineering of Korea University performs the state-of-the-art research in area of software and hardware intergation and their interaction, especially in compiler, system software, microarchitecture, memory, parallel processing, etc.

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    1 Students

  • Ph.D Course

    6 Students

  • Alumni

    28 Students

Recruitment Notice

We are currently recruiting for undergraduate interns who are willing to join our lab (M.S. and Ph.D. Course) in near future.

* We are seeking for students who are willing to serve as technical research personnel
at RAONTECH Inc. after M.S. course.
* 졸업 후 (주)라온텍에서 전문연구요원으로 복무하기를 희망하는 석사과정 지원자를 모집합니다.

Please do not hesitate to contact at your convenience.
Contact : ph.D. student Won Joon Lee ( rriiaa1 at