Graduate Students

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Ph.D. Course

 172a6adfe81dfff304bbd1dcb32ce880 Ho Kwon Kim

ghrnj at
Compiler, Microarchitecture

Minseong Kim

minseong at
Source-to-Source Compiler, Cache and Memory System
3D Stacked Memory, Performance Analysis of Android Platform, Simulation Parallelization

 bc49f70ddfe183131469d61ead6be4da JaeYung Jun

jun.cool923 at
Compiler, Microarchitecture
DRAM Fault Cell Repair Algorithm

 b35b7739efc8bd6ee3371ab9e7bfd576 Kyu Hyun Choi

kyuhyun.choi87 at
Embedded Microprocessor, Cache and Memory System
GPU Architecture, OpenCL Framework

 1472301605622 Mi Seon Han

mesunyyam at
Compiler, Cache design, Memory System

 compiler_chan_hyun_0317 Chan Hyun Park

chanhyun at
EISC Compiler, NFC, Processing in Memory

 KakaoTalk_20170123_122314100 Won Joon Lee

rriiaa1 at
EISC Compiler, NFC, Near & Far Memory Model

 kakaotalk_20161220_163649494 Sang Ho Yu

neo55 at
OLED, Circuit Design

Master Course

 e6d3ae42fb97bd334311ac25341d0d14 Yoonah Paik

hmhmhey at
Microarchitecture, DRAM Fault Cell Avoidance

KakaoTalk_20150817_172851344 Insik Kim

kiscj5940 at
Microarchitecture, Processor Optimization

 6c890d4175b0aed3d6a5c48b7381983c Chang Hyun Kim

hunterkchz at
Microarchitecture, Hardware design

 KakaoTalk_20150818_102413861 Gyeong Il Min

gyeong9m at
Compiler, LLVM

 KakaoTalk_20150817_180359838 Sewon Park

psw9704 at
Compiler, LLVM
VESA DSC parallelzation

Lab. Interns